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Submission – Investigation & Management of Complaints

K2 Insurance Risk Management Consultants, with respect to the client, strives to continuously improve the services rendered. Thus we inform you that you have the opportunity to send your written complaints to our company, so as to deal with any possible weaknesses or omissions. We will comit ourselves to the immediate and impartial investigation of your complaints, aiming to find the fairest solution to the problem that has risen. For your convenience, please find below details regarding the management procedure of the insurance claims.

  1. A”Complaint” form is the statement of dissatisfaction addressed to an insurance company or
    insurance intermediary, by a person bound to the insurance contract or to the insurance services
    The following are not meant as complaints;
    a. Claims announcements
    b. Compensation Applications
    c. Simple requests related to the execution of the contract or information /clarifications required
    d. Uncertain or unfounded claims (the claim is not clearly stated – there is no precise determination of
    the damage by the data submitted – damage is not clarified by the data submitted ).
  2. The ‘complainant” is the person who has the authority to file a complaint to an insurance intermediary and who has submitted it (such persons are the policyholder, the insured, the recipient of the compensation and the injured third party
  3. For the correct processing of the complaint, we must have at your disposal your dissatisfactions, the request for resolution of the resulting problem, your contact details, as well as how you wish to receive the receipt of the accusation from our company.
  4. For the submission of the complaint you may obtain a special printed form to be completed, at our Company offices, or from our website in pdf form (the complaint can be sent by fax: 210-9969008, by email: info@k, by post or by direct delivery to our offices: 90 Vouliagmenis Ave. – 16674, Glyfada,Greece). However, you can also submit your complaint to us electronically here.
  5. Upon  of the complaint from our Company, you will receive a relevant receipt in paper or electronic form. The receipt will provide further possible information or other necessary documents required for the investigation of the complaint.
  6. Within a period not exceeding fifty (50) days, a deadline starting from the date of submission of the complaint, we will reply in writing regarding your problem.
  7. We also inform you that a possibility may arise for an out-of-court solution of the problem, and you can contact the authorities within the prescribed deadlines: 1. Private Insurance Supervision Directorate (DEIA) 2. Consumer General Secretariat 3. Consumer Advocate.
  8. At the request of the Bank of Greece, our Company will provide, in writing all information regarding the objections of its customers.
  9. The staff of our Company has been informed in writing about the complaint management policy of our customers.
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