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Recording and analyzing of all parameters and needs through which risks are created for the smooth operation of the company’s stable future. Creating a special risks profile and a complete study of its management and treatment. Dynamic updating and constant modernization and adaptation to current rapid developments.

The key executives of a business, from the entrepreneur himself to important managers or heads of departments, are the main source of wealth of any business. Their possible loss or inability to work automatically puts the company at a disadvantage towards competition and alters its steady course towards its high goals. Ensuring valuable executives for life and disability risks ensures cash flow in difficult times and restores stability after an unpleasant incident.

The loss of a partner of a company is a factor that will threaten its very existence. Remaining partners may fail to have the necessary funds to redeem the absentee’s share. Ιt is certain that the beneficiaries will have neither the same experience, nor the same motives or values. The problems will be many and soon the situation will become unbearable. A solution must be foreseen promptly so as ensure the necessary liquidity for the acquisition of the “orphan” share at a price that will be agreed upon so as to satisfy both partners and beneficiaries.

Many companies seize to exist when the entrepreneur either retires or passes away. The unforeseen circumstances of life and the economic context may not have allowed for the accumulation of capital to prepare for the successor or the sale of the business. In any case, an unexpected health or death occurrence, the business may drop to its subsistence level. Special insurance plans can provide for safe and preferential long-term savings but also for the immediate creation of liquidity in an emergency to ensure a smooth transition to the next generation.

Many possibilities are given by legislation for the tax management of the bonuses of important executives so that the taxation of this income is much smaller and at the same time fully exempted from insurance contributions. Special programs can be created depending on the specific characteristics of each company.

Special insurance coverage to secure creditors in the event of the sudden loss or incapability of the owner or key executive of the business. Creating immediate liquidity, repaying credit institutions without inheritance taxes, transferring of business without burdens to its heirs and maintaining its creditworthiness and reputation intact.

Special programs that bind valuable executives with the company which ensure significant benefits in case of long-term and successful cooperation. All privileges are forfeited in favor of the company in case of misconduct of such an executive.

Insurance coverage for the total assets of the company (buildings, equipment, vehicle fleet, etc.) following annual market research so as to to ensure the best solutions and with the logic of special pricing. Unique architecture and special terms according to the particularities of each corporate entity.

Important consequences may arise during the duty performance of the subjects towards the shareholders, clients, competitors, employees, etc. Private assets and at the same time the company’s reputation may be threatened. Special programs can protect D&O’s and prevent potential major financial consequences and threats.

Group programs have gained a great reputation but at the same time create major problems if relevant information and prevention of consequences policies for the employees is not applied. They can become valuable tools for business development but also a major source of problems if not handled according to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility. There are several models of group programs that can be developed but which need detailed information tο the employees about their nature and management in conjunction with individual
insurance programs if any. If there is no proper management and information policy, it is almost certain that those responsible will be held responsible in the future.

A unique opportunity for employees and business executives is given by the current tax law for the creation of group pension programs with a full deduction of expenditure from income and 100% profit on the respective tax rate. A big advantage is, that the team program can be created without the financial participation of the company. Special fees can be channeled through group insurance policies with financially advantageous terms for the company and its employees.

The dangers of travel can be unpredictable, unpleasant or even fatal. Travel is part of the busy agenda of entrepreneurs and their executives. Dozens of risks involving individual, or group travel can be anticipated and handled at an extremely low cost.

A special program of control and global insurance of a company’s credits from the risks of bankruptcy and insolvency of the debtor. It protects the business from unforeseen commercial and political risks and contributes to profitable growth, minimizing risks and providing reassurance for credit expansion to new customers, while improving access to finance.

Cybercrime has grown out of proportion globally and is constantly expanding in new ways and methods. The chances of a company being hacked is huge and the consequences can be proportional. Cyber insurance products undertake to manage cybercrime in all its dimensions: from restoring files and decrypting them, negotiating with blackmailers, paying ransoms and restoring the company’s reputation.

Special responsibilities arise from the practice of any professional activity. Careful study is needed to approach and analyze these responsibilities and the correct placement of the risk in specialized insurance companies, in order to avoid problems in case of emergencies, errors and omissions. The company must be protected from all kinds of responsibilities arising from the nature of its operations, its own products, from its operation but also towards its employees.

A cost-effective or catastrophic event can cause the cancellation of the operation, productivity, as well as any kind of activity of a company for an indefinite period of time. While dealing with the material damages that need to be repaired, the fixed monthly expenses continue to exist in combination with the loss of profits due to the interruption of workflow. The correct calculation of the amounts of these losses and their insurance, will create an integrated protection framework, based on which, the company will be able to continue its growth perspective smoothly.

Many opportunities are given periodically for the advantage of potentials offered by the respective tax law. An appropriate plan can be created for each business entity to fully use the benefits of the current tax framework.

Collateral against active works contracts that are forfeited and activation of the relevant clauses.

Special programs for the management of large fortunes/estates, providing significant amounts to church and other charity foundations, with taxation exemption.

After studying each case, special technical insurances are proposed:

  • CAR (Contractors All Risks) Insurance against any construction risk
  • EAR (Erection All Risks) Insurance against all risks related to assembling projects.
  • CPE (Contractors Plant & Equipment) Insurance against all construction site and equipment risk
  • MB (Machine Equipment) Insurance of mechanical failures
  • EEI (Electronic Equipment Insurance) Electronic equipment insurance
  • ALoP (Advance Loss of Profits) Loss of income due to project losses
  • MLoP (Loss of Profits following MB) Loss of income due to mechanical failures.
  • DoS (Deterioration of Stock) Insurance for the quality alteration of goods
  • Aviation Insurance
  • Hull & Ports Insurance
  • Aquacultural Insurance
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Cancellation of Events Insurance
  • Recall of Products Insurance
  • Kidnap & Ransom Insurance
  • Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance
  • Cash in Transit Insurance
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
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