If your goal is to reach the top, then ours is to make sure you get there as safely as possible.


Our business venture began in 1989. Our vision has always been expressed symbolically, though clearly through our name. Just as thousands of mountaineers dream of conquering the peak of the most difficult and inaccessible mountain on earth, the renowned K2 in the Himalayas, so we likewise remain ever focused on providing the top service to our clients.

On such a laborious journey which demands stable strategy, devotion, and effort, we aspire to meet these demands on all levels with a strong sense of will, faith and optimism in all that we stand for. We expand our creative horizons, overcoming narrow mindedness and potential barriers and we focus on leading our clients to achieve their goals.

As we enter into the fourth decade of service in the insurance market of Greece, our success can be attributed to our use of contemporary methods and tools.

Guided by our passion for the evolution of our valuable profession, we remain focused on our clients and their needs, regardless of the circumstances, trying to set an example in the insurance field for the next generations.

Conquering the K2 peak of the Himalayas was and will be, the biggest mountaineering challenge. Not only because it is the highest peak in the world after Mount Everest, rising to an altitude of 8,620 meters, but also because few people have managed to surpass the human limits and the difficulties of this ascent to reach the top. Climbers themselves have expressed this idea in their personal diaries, writing that it was not the mountain they conquered but their own limitations.


The most beautiful view comes after the hardest climb

You seek the best and we offer it to you!

We know the insurance market well and are aware of the strong and the weak points of its companies. We are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of policy terms. We can diagnose our clients’ needs. We know the benefits of social security funds, the most beneficial combination with private insurance and the financial/tax dimensions of an insurance plan.

Besides this knowledge our collaboration with almost all the insurance companies, enables us to exert a strong influence to ensure our clients’ interests. We have at our disposal highly educated insurance consultants with long term experience and capable staff in all fields of action. Meanwhile, we have the financial ability to invest in improving our services.

Most importantly, we remain available, ready to inform you of any changes in the insurance market which in turn may create a need to alter your insurance plan. We welcome any questions and/or suggestions, to clarify and advise on any matters concerning our policy, we are eager to forge a mutually beneficial relationship based on common values and interests.

Each of our proposals is unique and is created exclusively for you!

For this to happen we take into consideration the combined characteristics of each person, family, or financial entity. The combination of the business class, financial status, investment profile, future aims, personal habits, philosophy, and culture is unique for everybody. With respect to this singularity, we complete the puzzle of your insurance needs in the most functional way, ensuring the fulfilment of their insurance proposal combined with the best possible cost.

There is also a matter of prime importance, this is our obligation to stay with you timelessly, contributing to small or big changes. Your needs change, the insurance programs progress. New data shields go against all risks and offers you a safe future.

You judge us, not only for our proposals but for our efficiency and values!


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We are by your side in every challenge, in the most trying times!

Insurance Tailored to Your Specific Business Needs


We realize that perfection is exclusively a divine privilege, but our promise of continuous upgrading is not just a commitment, it’s our lifestyle. In collaboration with the largest insurance groups and international brokers, we design and implement special programs, focused on our customers’ needs.

Our deep belief is that each family, professional or business, have a different status and completely different needs. This is the most important feature to focus on the uniqueness of each customer, is the essence of our insurance course, through continuous which bear our signature.



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The road to the top, begins from the very first step of the one who will try to conquer it. Along with that insurance needs begin. In this difficult struggle, the goal, creativity, action, and evolution coexist, whilst, danger, unpredictability, uncertainty and of course the unbalanced factor lurk.

The variability of the financial environment influences the decisions takeneach time, while the variability of the insurance environment determines the composition of the safeguard that must be applied to any business entity, organization, or natural person.

In this light, we remain firmly oriented in that direction, so that each party involved with “K2 Ltd. Insurance Agents and Coordinators“, enjoys a solution adapted to his financial world which is safe as to not distract his glance from the peak.

Top quality service from insurance consultants

Our insurance consultants will offer you profit, security and comparative advantages.
The role of the insurance consultant is decisive and catalytic in terms of the functionality of each insurance relationship. It is the intermediate link between the insured who seeks the most complete insurance at the lowest cost and the technical departments of insurance companies that require absolute and in-depth information about the risks they undertake.

The risks that exist are many and complex, while their knowledge and management require experience, continuous training, and alertness. That is why we give special importance to the creation of well-trained insurance consultants.
They will undertake the complete construction of the insurance puzzle of every business and every freelancer, create a complete risk management plan, ensure the most correct pricing, negotiate the most favourable terms, clear up ambiguities, check the contracts, have full responsibility for the management and timely payment of compensation and provide ongoing information and
professional advice.

The organized and professional management of the insurance issues of every company and every freelancer ensures profits, confidence, comparative advantage, and peace of mind.

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