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Focus on being productive instead of busy.

Insurance programs that concern the employees of a company, are usually group policies of in and out of hospital care together with the obligatory appendices. However, group policies, in addition to their indisputable advantages, have significant disadvantages too, which, if not noted, can create problems for the employees and the companies that offer them. After all, what applies to Corporate Social Responsibility and information, even if a company offers benefits as extra incentive for productivity, carry risks which may have significant consequences.

On the other hand, careful and professional management of employee reward programs can elevate the productive factors of companies and immediately depreciate costs.

The detailed recording of needs in combination with the goals of the company, will create the appropriate plan / program that will encourage the productivity of the employees but also to expand the cover offered so as to continue the policy on a lifetime basis. In addition, in cooperation with the employees, special agreements can be created so that the current tax legislation can be fully exploited, resulting in significant profits for all interested parties. In any case, the correct and valid information is very crucial.

The correct and methodical use of insurance tools can, in addition to the immediate financial benefits, significantly improve the “family culture” of the company and strengthen the employer-employee relationship for the benefit of all.

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