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Don’t let your business become a victim of cybercrime.

Cyber-attacks are a direct threat to global economy.

Blowouts by cybercriminals are now the biggest threat to global economy. The frequency of incidents has put the threat in the “asymmetric” category. The past cases of attacks aimed at simply destroying files and loading computers with viruses belong to the sphere of “childhood diseases”.

Today the business community (any business that has even one employee) is doubly at risk. That is, to suffer damage which can, in the worst case, cause disaster but also be obliged – under the GDPR – to pay huge fines on the one hand and to face civil courts with affected citizens on the other.

Most common risks are: 

  • Violation of POS data interception. The entering of credit or debit card installs malware on the machine and transmits information from customer cards to the cybercriminal.
  • Interception of customer and employee data, used for various reasons, such as privacy information, loss of sensitive personal data, theft of security camera material, etc.
  • Degrading of computer systems through the destruction of files and / or their encryption, with the immediate purpose of paying ransom for their recovery and decryption, this results in payments of disproportionate amounts of compensation.

The cover offered through our special insurance policies, provide the fullest possible protection which will continue to evolve, as will cybercrime.



Why is it valuable to you? 

Because it will cover the total cost of crisis management: 

  • Legal investigation cost for breach or suspected breach of your electronic systems for obtaining corporate or personal information (breach of confidentiality and privacy).
  • Legal investigation cost for security breach, access and use of systems by a remote third party or by an unauthorized employee who may enter a malicious code or intrudes on data (security breach).
  • All costs of restoring your data from accidental damage, operational errors, and breach of security.
  • All costs and claims that will be raised against you and you will be legally obliged to pay , compensation to third parties for the transmission of malware, data destruction and attack with excessive volume of data, limited to capital insured.
  • Expenses of independent legal advisors for determining the size of the obligation and for actions of compliance with the applicable laws on notification of infringement.
  • Notification costs for individuals affected by the breach of their privacy and call center costs for answering their questions.
  • Costs of regulatory sanctions, fines, and penalties imposed by any country.
  • Expenditure of independent experts and payment of ransom for: dealing with blackmail, sale of personal or corporate information, destruction or encryption of data, restriction of availability of electronic systems.
  • Loss of profits during the restoration of normal business operations and coverage of fixed expenses and increased labor costs.

It will offer you: 

  • Participation in a global network that will be always at your disposal to restore the former peaceful functioning of the company.
  • Outsourcing allocation to secure the most important business data.
  • Member of a team with actual power and influence in business life.
  • Services of digital forensics experts.
  • Increase of the credibility and rating of your business.
  • Immediate participation in developments and securing from new advanced safety risks.
  • The most economic premium compared to the risks that are undertaken.

Cyber is one of the most complex and critical risks businesses face today. We can help protect your business in this environment.

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