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Managing all your business insurance needs, is like conducting an orchestra.

OOpen architecture is the core of our activities. As insurance agents and coordinators, we work with several insurance companies in the domestic and international market, seeking the best insurance programs and schemes, so as to meet the needs of our clients in the best possible way.
The combinations that can occur are literally thousands, due to the different needs of our clients and the different approach per risk by insurance and reinsurance companies. Therefore, we believe that our most valuable achievement is the ability to create tailor made
products based on the needs of each of our business clients!

Special conditions that will serve exclusively the interests of our clients and not of the respective insurance companies need responsible processing and study, technical know-how, experience and at the same time sufficient and well-structured relationships with insurance companies in order to create the exclusive product which will best fit the existing needs of each corporate entity. This is where reality meets the main message of K2:

Every peak is unique and so are all our proposals!

For all your specialty needs!

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