Building a lifetime partnership in business and life

K2is the only company in the insurance field that has formed the penetration of collaborations between insurance companies and special interest groups. Such schemes are considered national range collaborations with the Hellenic Federation of Property Owners (POMIDA), the Hellenic Hoteliers Federation (HHF), the Confederation of Greek Tourist Accommodation (SETKE) etc.

Special structure of insurance programs is implemented by K2, in order to serve in the best possible way, the interests of the members of the Organization for which the scheme is created. Coverage, terms, and pricing of the programs are perfected while the service to the members is distinct and privileged.

As the collaboration evolves, new challenges arise, and new programs are implemented while the benefit is simultaneously directed to the Organization itself through mutual practice and sponsorship programs.

The special mediation of K2 preserves the quality of these schemes at the highest levels, leading to the dynamic development of these collaborations and their growth in the long run. Every possible problem is dealt with immediately and every new challenge that emerges either through new needs of the members of the Organization or through the creation of new insurance products, is promptly and compatibly incorporated.

The culture of K2 for collaborations based on selfless offering, frugal and common profit, restless pursuit, and innovation, is expressed through the creation of these schemes. These are the future of the insurance market, because they suggest solutions which initially serve the most common members of the team who are also the absolute judges, while at the same time, extended to a large population audience, resulting in an advantage in comparison to individuals.


Building a lifetime partnership in business and life

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